When you’re pregnant, many things may be going through your mind. It’s essential to ensure your pregnancy is healthy and growing, as well as its location. An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants in a place other than the uterus, such as in one of the fallopian tubes.

Symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy may include:

  • Shoulder pain
  • Extreme lightheadedness or fainting
  • Severe abdominal or pelvic pain with vaginal bleeding

If you are experiencing any signs of an ectopic pregnancy, don’t delay seeking medical treatment, as this condition is very dangerous if left untreated. Ignoring the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy can have life-threatening consequences for your health. It is also possible to have an ectopic pregnancy without any concerning symptoms. Therefore, it is important to have an early ultrasound with every pregnancy to make sure the baby is growing in the uterus. 

Who is At Risk of Having an Ectopic Pregnancy?

You may be wondering who is more likely to develop an ectopic pregnancy. There’s no clear-cut answer, as ectopic pregnancies can happen to anyone, but certain people are more likely to have one. If any of the following risk factors apply to you, it is vital that you have an obstetric ultrasound if you’re pregnant:

  • A history of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  • A previous ectopic pregnancy
  • A history of infertility
  • Surgery performed on the fallopian tubes
  • Endometriosis
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • An intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • A history of smoking

I’m Pregnant. What Can I Do to Check for Ectopic Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be an exciting time, but ensuring you are in the best health and have several pregnancy details confirmed is important. The best way to verify these details is to have a licensed medical provider perform an obstetrical ultrasound, which tells you the location of your pregnancy.

Ultrasounds are helpful for a variety of reasons. In addition to checking for ectopic pregnancy, providers can determine the gestational age (how far along you are in your pregnancy) and whether the pregnancy is viable with a healthy heartbeat. 

Where Can I Go for an Ultrasound?

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