While all types of abortion have health risks, several safeguards can be ignored or missed when attempting an at-home abortion.

Safety Concerns and Restrictions

When ordering the abortion pill online, it is difficult to confirm that you will receive the correct dosage and quality of drugs that you’ve been promised.

The FDA recommends against ordering the abortion pill online as their research has found that unregulated providers can be found online. As a result, there is no way to confirm the product you receive is safe and effective. 

Along with the safety concerns, not all states allow the purchase of online abortion pills. 

Therefore, ordering the abortion pill online could have legal implications and put your health in jeopardy. 

Proper Medical Oversight 

Before choosing to have an at-home abortion, it is important to know that not all pregnancies are eligible for the abortion pill. 

An in-person pre-abortion consultation can help determine your unique risks. The medical provider will perform an ultrasound scan to confirm the age and location of your pregnancy. 

In order to be eligible for the abortion pill, your pregnancy must be less than 10 weeks old and must be implanted inside your uterus. Choosing to have an abortion beyond 10 weeks can increase your risk of an incomplete abortion, leading to further complications and possible surgery.

Additionally, the medical provider will discuss your health history with you. 

Factors that make you ineligible for the abortion pill include but are not limited to:

  • Having an intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Taking a blood thinner or certain steroid medications
  • Having an allergy to the medications used during a medical abortion
  • Having certain medical issues such as bleeding disorders, heart or blood vessel diseases, severe lung, liver, or kidney disease, or an uncontrolled seizure disorder 

Without proper medical oversight, it can be difficult to fully understand the risks of abortion for your health. 

Pre-Abortion Consultation

For your health and safety, it is essential to learn more about your pregnancy before having an abortion. 

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