If you’re experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, ordering the abortion pill online may seem like your best option.

The privacy and simplicity of an online abortion may seem appealing.  However, there are serious health and legal risks to consider.  

Legal Risks and FDA Warning

While purchasing the abortion pill online is legal in some states, states like Kentucky have restrictions on buying the pill due to the dangers of unreputable drug sourcing and lack of medical oversight.

Additionally, the FDA cautions women about the risk of online abortion. Unregulated sources exist, and there is no guarantee of drug quality and accurate dosing.

Health Considerations 

Choosing to order the abortion pill online often means bypassing proper safeguards that are in place to protect your health. 

Before having an abortion, discussing the details of your pregnancy and health history at an in-person pre-abortion consultation is vital for your safety. 

The Importance of An Ultrasound Scan 

Taking the abortion pill before having an ultrasound scan by a medical provider can be dangerous. 

Not all pregnancies are eligible for the abortion pill, and the risk of complications can increase if the pill is taken at the wrong time in a pregnancy. 

According to the FDA, the abortion pill should not be administered after 10 weeks of pregnancy. Taking the abortion pill after this point in your pregnancy can increase the risk of an incomplete abortion, which is a serious complication that could lead to infection and the need for surgery. 

Another risk of bypassing an ultrasound is the failure to detect an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is a medical emergency and cannot be treated with the abortion pill. 

The Importance of A Health Evaluation

Not all women are eligible for abortions. Certain methods of birth control, medications, and health conditions may increase your risk of complications or make you ineligible for an abortion. In the interest of protecting your health, your thorough health history should be discussed at an in-person pre-abortion consultation.

Pre-Abortion Consultation

For the sake of your health, Alpha Pregnancy Care Center wants to help you learn more about your pregnancy before having an abortion.

Receive a lab-quality pregnancy test and follow-up ultrasound at no cost to you. 

After discovering more details about your pregnancy, our trusted medical professionals can answer your questions and discuss your options. 

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